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Here is a small tale, I will tell, cos I can About a young, American man About to react to a song, but being racially petty Before he had even heard any of Ram Jams Black Betty

Once they had played, his attitude changed To his credit, he did sing along His next visit to my screen, saw him quite merry Listening to that genius musician, Chuck Berry

I can still see him smile, as he did sing Both the boys and the girls parts of My Ding-a-ling Now, although he is funny, this lad is no fool Reacting to what they don't teach you at school

His face said it all when the penny finally dropped Thanks to money and greed, anyone can be a slave So, I will watch his journey As he continues to grow

And give my respect to a man For it takes a strong man to examine himself And adjust as only through experience you can

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