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Grow a Pear

When life gets rowdy

Down the village square

I’m told to “Wade in.”

“just Grow a Pear”

Now I’m no gardener

I live in a flat

But if Pears grow in rivers

I’ll eat my hat.

So I planted a pip

It grew out of reach

I’m told “in the Pear world”

“It’s a real Peach “

Now totally confused

With this fruity fayre

Have I grown a Peach

Or grown a Pear?

It's time for dinner

I’ll just have a scoop

My favourite dish

Hot Bowler soup!

GCP 24

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This is the kind of stuff that reassures me that there are other people in the world who are as delightfully barking as I am...

Replying to

Woof comes to mind

Woof woof now I'm in two minds

You're too kind...


A clever little peach of a ditty, nice one


Clever wordplay. Made me smile.

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