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God's Plan

God told me one day

I have a gift for you

But you’re not the only one

I’m giving it to

Sketching and painting

Will be your new skill

Writing poetry and stories

Simply at will

Who else will have

This wonderful gift bestowed?

Oh thousands of people

you don’t even know

Still lives, portraits

and landscapes too

Just a few of the gifts

I’m heaping on you

Use acrylics, watercolor

Or even oil

Create awesome artwork

Whenever you toil

Haiku, sonnets and limericks galore

Just wait and see

What you have in store

But there’s a drawback

to receiving this present

You will also receive Parkinson’s

And that’s not so pleasant

Nightmares, tremors

Slurred speech and stumbling gait

Oh please tell me more

I can hardly wait

Stiff muscles, blank looks

And drool on my shirt

I don’t like this gift

I’m not sure of it’s worth

Well I can’t take it back

So don’t even try

And it will do you no good

To sit there and cry

So just try and deal with it

As best as you can

And try and understand

Why it’s part of the plan

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