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Full moon

I know it's unfair,to accuse you:


golden ball in the far distance

shining destination of longing for lost souls

escape from aborted dreams

involuntary companion of nocturnal villains and dark figures.

You wave it off,

perfectly understandable,

shake your wise moon face.

With unshakeable reliability

and the steady rhythm of the universe

you carry heavy enough

no way you might in addition

shoulder the human madness of the night.

We ourselves are the Argonauts,

who navigate the deep sea of our souls

sail through

always too close to the abyss

doubting the earth's gravity

testing its pull

to confirm our failure.

We, the melancholy pregnant poets

the sleepless envious

the seekers of meaning

and wayfinders

We bear our own responsibility

in our sleepless hands.

Tired and crumpled

I vow:

I will do better!


golden ball in the far distance

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Love this Rina.

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