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Updated: Apr 23

It’s so frustrating when I try to walk anywhere,

It’s so flipping* difficult, the control is not there.

It shouldn’t be that hard, I’ve been doing it for years,

But I can’t seem to get going, I can’t find the gears.

I want to get moving, but I’m stuck in first,

My engines revving, feels like I’ll burst.

But I just can’t change up, can’t increase my pace,

I’m stuck in life’s slow lane, I’m losing face.

I’m sure people are looking, wondering what’s wrong with me.

I feel exposed, sharing my condition for all to see.

I know I shouldn’t be bothered, shouldn’t give a toss,

But I don’t like people seeing me when Parkinson’s the boss.

It’s no good, I don’t like it, just want to move like I used to,

Wanna move without thinking, with the ease others do.

Who’d thought walking would be a problem, it’s so natural,

This flipping* Parkinson’s won’t be satisfied ’til it’s taken it all.

* subsituted “f” word, don’t wish to offend

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Flipping * good, sir. I know that frustration well


Very honest and very raw words John, thank you

, I’ve been there myself, . Staggering round the pub with everyone staring.

.I found an exercise bike helped me enormously, to strengthen my legs and get about more.

Also check out “ forced cycling “ an exercise bicycle with a motor that makes you pedal faster than you can normally .( up to 90 revolutions per minute) called Motomed . There is a company called Medimotion worth looking up. ( I think they are in Wales). It’s not the cheapest option but I did a Parkinson’s program with them and it has been a great improvement,I’m back playing bowls and riding my bike again.

Try and stay positive, it’s not…

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