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Free or Fated

Some say you get, just what you want And the choice is yours alone Others believe with fate you must go Avoiding it, can not be done

Things happen outside our control Sometimes leaving us in the cold Other times we win Unexpected, coincidence?

I have been using software for a while Finger painting can be fun In my mind I remember using paint Real, not virtual ones

In a local store I went, light bulbs I was seeking, I cam upon an artist section, and the prices were quite pleasing Paint and canvas I did buy Eager to get home and try

To see if I could paint I packaging my newly gained loot Each said the same, and followed suit

The trademark had a single frame Colvin and Co, spelt wrongly to boot! So there you have the simple facts No deviation from white or black

Were those shelves I was meant to see By the Norns at the foot of the Yggdrasil tree

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