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Fred’s not here…..anymore!

Fred loved to garden

but his mobility then,

Had already shrunken.

So, we shared a plot

But didn’t talk a lot

As his bad heart

kept us apart.

He lived alone in B404

But had friends to relate

Who kept him up to date.

He, a gentle soul, said many

Would apologize when sick

But, always looking forward

For another time to click.

With no garden plot to share

He lived behind the door of B404.

This year I didn’t see Fred till today,

fully dressed on the basement floor he lay.

It was more than some could bare

A homemade noose he did still wear

while losing heat to the stone floor

The police were many

And had procedures to follow

To ensure no foul play

Was part of this day.

Father Leo came to pray

With those of us that chose to stay.

Supporting us in his special way.

Fred will be missed

Like many other seniors

Who pass away on any day

Were they loved enough?

Could we help them more?

The only certainty is that

Fred’s not here, anymore.

“Gone” said the note on his door.

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jul 08, 2023

I would like this mot to be true but even if it isn't it will be someone's story. a powerful poem written sensitively. Thank you Jon

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