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For my children

Farewells said

Instructions given

Not long now

till I’m delivered

Dry your tears

you should be glad

To say goodbye

to poor old dad

The house is yours

so keep it clean

Vacuum and polish

make it gleam

Trim the hedges

cut the grass

Water the flowers

the time will soon pass

Before you know it

the time will come

When I’ll return home

from my holiday in the sun

Wishing you were here


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Unknown member
May 07, 2023

This made me laugh out loud the first time I read it


Darrell Troon
Darrell Troon
May 05, 2023

Thank you for your comments, I wrote it to Be misleading.


Jes Derry
Jes Derry
May 03, 2023

Well that’s definitely not what I expected. A superb poem and a twist at the end which made me smile. A clever write.


Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
May 02, 2023

Well done twist at the end.

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