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First Date

first date

With her bag slung loose, nervous fingers tap

within her silent corner the image of casual and cool

putting bottle to lips her hips moving softly

to long forgotten tunes as she turns her head

lips cherry-red framed by fine wrinkles

came together such that it leaves him stunned

and time itself gives pause.

The wave of her slim hand briefly caught his eye

before falling to rest on her ripe lips which form a silent hello

he being a good man all his life he tries nonchalant but fails

seeing only happiness in her green eyes this moment his forevermore

his duty in life becomes just then to adore her beauty and fragility

that he never hoped for,he then takes all braveness he can spare

to lay his hand on her hips and softly gives her neck a secret kiss

for they arranged this meeting long ago and finally dared to give it a go

it is a feather light feeling

it is a summer sunny smile

it is a rose scent reaching

and yet it will always be

a fantastic false fantasy

With his cocked-hip stance and ice-blue gaze he looked the part,

the cool young Gun, willing to take a chance, his smile loaded to stun!

He heard the old tunes, radio songs, that smoke slight sadness on the air,

the elusive notes teasing with a melody not quite complete;

it was then he caught the eager wave of a slim hand, which once seen,

fell back, almost brushing her cheek, drawing his eyes until they met

the startling gloss of cherry red, the colour seeming to flare as her lips

mouthed hello, he heard no sound other than his heart's tempo, rising

as he met the green of her eyes, in a moment to which time granted

a few more seconds, so the World could smile at their Forevermore.

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