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Femme fatale

observation from the eye of the hurricane

what is so fatal about her?

the countless men,

like dead flies,
piled up at her door,
rejected, abandoned
exhausted and discouraged,
tried to rush after her,
to conquer her being,
with her no longer alone!
But did not realize,
that she is no mere image,
that she is not framed,
can’t be contained.

she is hard work, you can’t shirk

her pedestal so high, the flies all die
high demands,
where only she stands.
she can’t conform,
she provokes a storm
in the head and in general,
to be this femme fatale.
she has no intention to be normal
she disguise ideas,
takes life apart
earns applause of those
who are incapable or impossible.

she is beyond confines of others,
never looks back wether storm or silence.
and within the eye of my own hurricane,
I watch her and long to be so sweetly insane.
I live totally

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