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Everywhere is Yellow

Everywhere is yellow

Like breakfast cereal

Cornflake colour

The land is crisp and dry

The sun has taken all the green

Has sucked out all the bright

And left this blanched, sun scorched landscape

I feel the crunch beneath my feet

Where once was grass that folded

Damp between my toes

Now it snaps crackles and pops

Where once the leaves were dark and lush

Now they are brown toast

Bran flakes fallen to the ground

The garden lawns, the roadsides

The parks and public spaces look like margarine spread across my bread

The sun itself a great big egg with albumen clouds

That is too big for my egg cup

But maybe God will eat it up

People lying on the beach

Turning over like rashers of bacon on the grill

Fat people with perfect tanned bellies like cooked sausages

I wonder what will happen if the sun remains

And breakfast ends

What comes after yellow?

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