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Emerging from the lockdown

Based on my feelings as we approached New year, 2022. What lessons, if any, had we learned?

Happy new year sounds a bit optimistic

As we rush to study the latest statistics

Omicron is surging of that there’s no doubt

Whilst restrictions and fear have stopped us going out.

We’ve been here before in this strangest of years.

Some have felt stressed while others shed tears.

Some lost their jobs and with it their pride

As the virus mutates leaving nowhere to hide

For others their lives will have changed for ever

With the death of a loved one, no longer together.

It’s such a cruel way to have lost a life

A husband, a father, a son or a wife.

For others their business has gone to the wall

Some employed many whilst others were small.

Hospitality and travel were particularly hard hit

Many staff found they had no choice but to quit.

But enough of the past we know it’s been tough

But if you're still standing for now that’s enough.

Our sense of what matters has come to the fore.

Our family our friends who we’ve missed more and more.

So take time to reflect on this strangest of years.

And the lessons it taught us as it challenged our fears.

The tunnel was long but there’s a light at the end

Let’s not forget those on whom we depend.

The doctors, the nurses, the teachers, our police

As they try to struggle to heal us, or keep the peace

Also spare a thought for our retail assistants

Whose roles make it difficult to socially distance

So many to thank the list is so long

If I got my way they would all get a “gong”

With the booster success we have something to cheer

As our chance of defeating this virus draw near.

As our thoughts turn to things we enjoyed for so long

Let’s learn the lessons from when things all went wrong

As we emerge from the tunnel back into the light

That “Happy New Year” might just be in sight.

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Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard

It was such a strange time and so much has changed since. Thanks for sharing this

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