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Electric Eels

Do euphemisms create schisms -

Or is it the other way round?

One part sidles on the surface,

The other crawls deep underground.

The ancients are believed to have named things

In order to control them.

Did cave artists make images of prey and predators for similar reasons?

Victorians covered 'salacious' piano legs with deeply innocuous flounces.

Hitler covered his mass murders with that bland expression, 'The Final Solution'.

I used to be deaf, became 'hard of hearing', then 'auditory impaired'.

I'd rather be deaf!

TABOO subjects - death, sex, race, scatalogy, social status, religion, etc - gave rise to innumerable euphemisms

Both benign and malign.

Do Euphemisms tell us more about the perceiver than the perceived - the deceiver than the deceived.

Such words are akin to electric eels - difficult to grasp, but when grasped OW!

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