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Don't Mention It

When folks get together to celebrate,

Words and drinks flow freely.

But to prevent punch-ups or 'heated debates'

One seriously ought to emulate

The good and the great

And not mention sensitive subjects...

Sadly, being too human and fallible,

We often ignore that sound rule

And make remarks or give retorts

That are embarrassing, thoughtless and cruel.

So, if Uncle Tom has an obvious toupee -

Don't mention it.

If cousin Sally has just run away -

Don't mention it.

If your boss has embezzled all the firm's cash -

Don't mention it.

And if Grandma's hooked hard on hash -

Don't mention it?

This advice is given freely,

In the strictest confidence.

So, I don't need acknowledgement -

Maybe some tiny recompense?

But please, please, please - don't mention it...

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins

Fabulous fun🤣



Excellent wordsmithery and humour. Well don. I love the question mark after grandma’s hash 🤣

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