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A new film,' The Lost King', tells Philippa Langley's story. Ten years ago, she was instrumental in the discovery of Richard III's burial place. He had been slain in 1485 during the Battle of Bosworth. - Market Bosworth in Leicestershire is a few miles from my new home.

Philippa had long sought King Richard's remains.

She was now certain that they

Lay under a car park -

Where Greyfriars once chanted.

Deep under the asphalt, marked by a large 'R',

Would be found King Richard's lost tomb.

But few believed her, some thought her a crank.

Academics smirked - then took over her search.

If it were true, then they might just accrue

Big kudos for Leicester and their own faculty.

Opinion was mixed about Philippa's quest

Wasn't Richard a tyrant, a freak and a ghoul?

A wicked uncle who murdered two princes

That had stronger claims than he had to rule?

Yet Richard was an anointed king.

Why not leave him in peace, whatever his sins?

Westminster Abbey did not want the remains.

But Leicester and York vied hard for that honour.

Leicester Cathedral won, but many complained.

Ricardus Rex - R.I.P. - A divisive monarch in both life and death...

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