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In a former quarry pit alias Eden Project A scientific discovery we did not expect A fossil gigantic, a huge dinosaur skull bone Dug from under the earth a new species unknown Archaeologists gathered to discuss and decide Why this dinosaur skull had such a huge brain inside? Only one theory did they advance and propose A dinosaur with language skills they did suppose A wordy dinosaur they called the Thesaurus Did it compose dinosaur songs with verse and chorus Punctuate its sentences with antonyms and synonyms Prehistoric grammar, strict rules , were more than a whim

Did it face fierce predators and give them some lip Dismiss the T Rex with a witty well aimed quip Sharing romance stories with the Brontosaurus Form a novel bookclub that came long before us

Reptile giants communicate, teasing with banter Debating philosophy to find out the answers A long lost world parked in the Jurassic period Thesaurus conversation, topics are myriad

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