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Discordant assonances

I wonder

If in the world

There is still one voice

That says peace,

That brings light,

on this day of horror

in the terrifying error

Endless wickedness

mourning, hunger ….ruthlessness

And an infamant intention.

We'll see again

the dawn

of a new day

Commitment beyond fate

of death.

Hope and resistance

Heat and again


of freedom and justice.

New story

is beginning.


As long as it turns pink

It will echo with laughter

and there’s a new song

so sweet and lovely

that runs in the sun

like sweet honey.

And it appears

in the sky

a rainbow of light and serenity.

And we will be at peace.

Gladness and then joy,

and light is the dance

which advances

giving our future,

keeping darkness away

And bringing us peace.

And war is now silent.

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Unknown member
Jan 02, 2023

This poem can also be read in its original Italian in the Italian poetry category above


Unknown member
Jan 02, 2023

Peace and love, Louisa ✌️❤️

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