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Devilish P**s Take

I am the Devil Incontinent

They call me Peelzebub

As I walk home legs crossed

After a few beers at the pub

I mark my territory

As I walk past your gate

Better hide if you’re in

Until the flow abates

So beware the Lord of Dampness

Or I will have your soul

You are looking a little flushed

Can you keep control?

The fallen angel smiled

At his victim a Parky gent

Slow in every movement

But bladder urgent

He offered a contest

Will cure his Parkinson’s

But if he loses the bet

Hell will welcome him in

I am the Devil Incontinent

They call me Loositta

Will challenge you to contest

It’s not propaganda

The Parky gent suggestion

That they draw art in the snow

Devil saw his shaky hand

Would take his prize below

Devil composed his picture

Masterpiece with a flourish

He looked across with shock

As he heard splash and splish

Parky gent with two shakes

Finished Devil’s portrait

Devil fiddling in Georgia

Devil had to admit was great

The Devil a sore loser

Asked how? Did you cheat?

Devil cured Parkinson’s

Had to admit defeat

The Parky gent answered

Pills side effects boosts my art

Parkinson’s was in my head

Devil you will never get my heart

I am the Devil Incontinent

They call me Lord of the Flies

Maybe you will bust a zip

And get a big surprise

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