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Dawn of the Robot

Updated: May 15


Silk sheets and silk pyjamas

Stiffness dawn of daily drama

No I cant get no satisfaction

Try to roll but muscular inaction


A body that shakes and rattles

Veteran of nightly battles

Slides slowly closer to the edge

Joint complaints by cartilage


Crouching into robot tribute

Every step I need to compute

Impatient pressure it gets madder

“Are we there yet?” calls my bladder


Bedroom door nob grasped with fumble

Muscle cramp in toes slow stumble

Pause turns into movement freeze

GIft from Parkinsons disease


Finally arrived on the throne

Pressure released, body groans

Bathroom duties at an end

Flushed around the U bend


Time for day but not ready

Swallow tablets still un steady

Casualty of slumber ambush

Takes toll throughout days onrush

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2 comentários

Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
18 de mai.

Those mornings! Well done Jon


Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
15 de mai.

A poignant description of that tough 1st pre med hour

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