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Cycles On

From cradle to grave souls are marked

from grain of cot to cross on mound;

as smooth skin turns to wrinkled parch

the seeds, soon saplings, bolder trunks

will stand, gnarled witnesses throughout.

So water, earth, air, fire conjoin

as elements while journey on

toward infinity unknown,

our human dust but shooting stars

in cosmic rays that beam from suns.

A moment here, as time paints skies,

with push and pull of lunar tides

long distant forces spin our world

beyond imagination’s mind -

what we call old recycles globe.

So see day die, rich golden robe,

as thrown around dark web of twigs

and know new light dawns other lands,

with hope we share our common wealth

and learn our hours be complement.

Published by Poetry Potion, 11th May 2024

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Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
3 days ago

The grand scheme of things. The glorious cycle of life . Its all there. Magnificent

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