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I am the crazy lady

the one who tells the truth

true emotion without any use

the one who makes you cry

and you don’t know why

I am the poet – I wish

and I am feeling foolish

no one really cares

it only scares

people to hear what I say

and they still forget the next day

I am a busybody

with a sad story

this is why they would listen

to the words I was given

they feel sorry for me

but this is not what I want to be.

I am looking for authenticity

no friendly smile but explicit

tell me what you are thinking

even when you are rather questioning

Only than I can grow

and set up a great show

I am a Showmaster but my

self confidence is a disaster

I talk to quiet

You can see my riot

PD is with me all the time

and this is more than just a rhyme

I am dead tired of denying

tired of explaining

Me to myself and others

we are alle sisters and brothers

everyone is fighting his own fight

I am not the only one, right?

So why don’t I always dare to be

the real me – and free?

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