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COVID unlocked


Oh Covid

How you longed to be loved

Across continents

Across seas

You pushed and shoved

Through care homes

Through schools

Beating young and old

On you travelled

On you spread

Infecting meek and bold

In the days

In the nights

You shared your spray

Never stopping

Never pausing

For the time of day

Amongst sadness

Amongst grief

Hope gained ground

From Oxford

From Pfizer

Vaccines were found

Less patients

Less nurses

Relieved the stress

On wards

On theatres

Across the NHS

Lives ruined

Lives lost

Life stories blocked

From hearts

From Minds

Truths unlocked


Stay careful

Stay safe

Masked and gloved

Be wary

Be cautious

Covid still longs to be loved.

GCP April 24

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2 Kommentare

Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
18. Apr.

I like the short lines and briefness of the verses - it makes it punchy especially with the stark reminder at the end.

Gefällt mir

Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
16. Apr.

A nice warning at the end. Know you are loved!

Gefällt mir
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