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Corners bear witness

Witless the words that carried you here.

Monosyllabic, the mark of my fears

That cannot ever be given a voice

that thrive in the dark that grow in the moist of the shadows

the damp of the dreams

when all that you know contorts in the stream

of your consciousness, whispered aloud

boom sotto voce, picked out from the crowd.

Anonymity’s better, just stare at the floor

Don’t let them recognise what you came for

Don’t know, don’t remember what it could be

Did I look for you or did you look for me?

Whichever it was I‘m convinced it should be

The reverse

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Unknown member
07. Dez. 2023

I love reading this aloud. The rhythm and the rhyme. Getting my tongue around the patterns hidden in the corners

Gefällt mir
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