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Christmas Dinner

The table’s set - it glitters brightly

with Christmas crackers, (wound too tightly,)

candle sticks and a centre piece

of holly ivy - star anis.

Mum is buzzing like a fly

Dad’s carving turkey wondering, ‘WHY?’

We do this every single year!

(He’s somewhat lacking Christmas cheer.)

Says things that shouldn’t be repeated

In earshot of the company seated.

Grandpa’s sat at top of table,

On his left is Aunty Mabel.

On Grandpa’s right – a seat for Nan,

Then daughter, still on Instagram -

Taking pictures of the table,

Plus Uncle Dick, Aunty Mabel

And Cousin Claire sat opposite,

who flicks her hair and pouts a bit,

Mum sits next to youngest son

To make sure he can’t spoil the fun,

Then nearly driven round the bend

Dad takes his seat upon the end.

Both are well and truly knackered

But now it’s time to pull the crackers.

Grandma’s cracker stays intact,

Aunty Mabel’s lost its’ hat,

Youngest son’s toy went flying -

Now in the gravy boat it’s lying.

Daughter’s cracker’s disappeared,

Cousin Claire’s, hat looks weird,

Grandpa fights with Uncle Dick,

Over who it was - that won that trick.

The jokes are bad, the prizes crap,

And half of them don’t even snap.

Nevermind - it’s time to toast

Mum and dad - the perfect hosts

And everyone – ‘Good health and cheer,

For Christmas AND the coming year.’

The glasses chink, the drinks are downed,

With paper hats we all are crowned.

And now at last it’s time to eat,

Pass the gravy, take some meat,

Cranberry sauce – YUM! The turkeys tasty

But uncle Dicks a bit too hasty!

Burns his mouth on a brussel sprout,

Swears a lot and spits it out.

The plates are filled to overflowing

But still there’s more, it keeps on going,

“Have another pigs in a blanket,

(it really is quite the banquet.)

A glass of wine? Or may be two?’

Another toast! ‘To me - to you!’

And now it’s time for the dessert,

just a smidgeon, it won’t hurt.

And while we all wait in anticipation

for a brandy-glowing, pudding sensation,

Mum’s steals a swig of Grandpa’s best,

it’s only fair she does a test.

And then - Dad lights a match and with one stroke,

The Christmas Pud goes up in smoke!

Well, that’s a shame but don’t be sorry,

“There’s plenty more, so not to worry.

But, wait,

It’s time for Charles - the King!

His Christmas speech - now there’s a thing.

Into the lounge to watch the telly,

A welcome relief for our bellies,

Collapse on the sofa somewhat relieved,

Apart from Dad who jumps at speed,

Speared up the rear by Mable’s knitting

When on her cushion he tried sitting.

And now, the day - is nearly done,

We couldn’t eat another crumb.

But - Mum then arrives with Christmas cake,

A Yuletide Log and After Eights,

Mince pies and stollen for our supper,

There’s still a ton of food left over

And even though we’re fit to pop,

It’s Christmas so we cannot stop,

Until at last it’s time for bed

And we can rest our weary heads

And tummies too, they need a break

but… meanwhile Mum’s thinking… what to make

For Boxing day and all her guests,

‘Turkey Curry,’ someone suggests!

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