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About this time of every single year

The papers and the TV demand a cheer

Not looking for a rift

But all that expensive kit

To our ancestors would seem an act that is queer

The Feast of Yule, on Midwinter's night would go on

As long as there was food still left to dine

Baldr, Son of Odin was reborn

Summer sun returning, so have some wine

Watching from the Yggrdrasil, Odin's tree

Over ours and the other Worlds he can see

With his eye he watches all

Searching for heroes for Valhallla’s Hall

To protect Asgard when Loki tries to call

In the land of Nordd, King Hakon fell

Totally under the Nailed God’s spell

To stop Yule he tried with all his might

But his people said ‘Stop? No! Ya talking sh())0@

So Hakon declared the Nailed God’s birth

In the middle of everybody's Yuletide mirth

With one night for each Apostle

To party longer no longer possible

On pain of death, so declared the King

Upon that declaration Nordd’s land saw

An exodus of ships, looking for Thor

Some to British waters fled

Irish land some others won

Even further others went to escape his hand

Furthest North they found a land of Fire and Ice

One where they could survive, and keep their peace

Isolated out of the prying Nailed God’s spies

A brave new world they carved out for themselves

In 2020 saw a Temple made

To Thor and Aesir it was named

Once again the Aesir have a place

For mankind to visit if they choose

When Bethlehem is shown on TV

As it always is upon a certain day

Remember that that great big massive tree

Is Odin’s Throne, so the Allfather can see

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