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Invisible to the eye

I am bound tight

metal drags heavy

no sensors can pick up

the chains that clasp

delicate wrists tight

a taste of freedom

an intake of fresh air

I am left deep in despair

chains of hate bound me tight

galvanised and deep in history

I never felt the bracelet clasp tight

when I thought I had taken flight

living my life and happy inside

the past was busy waiting to bite

I am free until they stalk

then they become free

to do whatever they want

chains of hate forever worn

those chains I feel digging in

to soft squishy skin

but when they touch my throat

and I feel I’m going to choke

and all of this takes place

inside where once there was peace

ravaged inside and out

myself naked laid out

my cries go unheard

my heart begins to melt

hatred takes hold I am not the same

the cause and effect of a cyber attack .

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 24, 2023

💙Such emotion in the words. Hug

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