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Cats' Tale

Where sits Hattie

There sat Maggie.

Hattie is a pedigree -

Maggie was a moggie.

Margaret was as bright as tin -

Harriet is foggy.

Maggie blew in with the snow

A sickly kitten on our step.

Mum took pity, made her well

But did not consider her a pet.

They rubbed along for many years -

Each gave the other terse respect.

Inevitably, Mags grew frail

And Mum went with her to the vet.

Hattie came in a smart basket,

Plus documents and a large bill.

She is compliant and sweetly docile -

Lacking Maggie's guile and will.

Mum is very fond of Hattie

And I quite like her, too.

But she has not ensnared me heart and soul -

As Mags knew so well how to do.

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