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Buried Treasure

A most respectable family -

My Avery's of Ashbourne,

So far from the sea,

Maintained a display of correct piety,

But claimed descent from a man

Called Henry or John.

They could not agree.

They kept to themselves...

Their house was spotless

And so was their name.

But their black-hearted forebear had won

Wide acclaim

As Henry Avery, the Pirate!

Great-Grandfather Avery,

So I've been told,

Was short and mild,

Not tall and bold.

Yet he averred that -

In days of old -

His ancestor had been

A Pirate.

During the reign of

Good Queen Anne

Old Hal was the kingdom's

Most-wanted man.

That Avery, or Every, reigned the high seas

For a number of years,

Amassed a huge fortune

And then disappeared.

What became of that treasure

And who were his heirs -

Keeping guard of their

Ancestor's lair -

Somewhere in our small UK,

Or elsewhere in the wide USA?

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