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Birth of a Legend

Ronnie was a lad from Liverpool A big, bad City that doesn't suffer fools Yet Ronnie, he had a dream Cos he had the looks, he had a voice To make the young girls scream.

Poor young Ronnie, didn't have a clue He held very little hope, that his dreams would come true

So he started working the Mersey On boats and upon the dock Taking in the sounds Ronnie learnt to rock

Marty Wilde drove into Liverpool Just to do a show Ronnie took a chance to sell some songs And knocked on Marty’s door Hey, play those tunes out loud, my friend Nobody else can hear your themes An open window told the girls outside And they began to scream

Ronnie, he took the stage that night Marty, saw the fans delight Halfway to Paradise, Ronnie did not know From that morning, he changed all that he had Ronald Wycherley, could not be a star But Billy Fury, would rock the world and more

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