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Billy, Bone and The Treekeeper

Updated: Oct 16

Now Billy loved adventure

And little did Billy know,

That very very very soon

On an adventure he would go.

Billy had a best friend,

Billy never was alone.

His best friend had four legs you know

And Billy called him Bone.

Now Billy and Bone one sunny day

By a tree, thought they'd make

A soft bed of some moss and trees

Then a little rest they'd take.

Soon they both fell fast asleep.

When later they awoke,

They saw a hollow in the tree.

Bone barked and Billy spoke.

"A hole that's big enough for us both!

Let's take a look and see

What treasures we might find

Inside this big old tree."

Bone went first and sniffed the way.

The hole was getting bigger.

Before they knew it , standing there

Was a tall and scary figure.

"Now ,who are you, my little friend?"

His voice boomed out - they shook.

"My name is Billy and this is Bone.

We only came in for a look"

The figure said in a softer voice,

"Just come along with me

And I will show you where I live

I'm the keeper of this tree."

Feeling braver Billy asked his name.

The figure looked down and spoke

"I've lived here for two hundred years

My name is Isambark Oak.

I'm the last one of my kind, you see

I live here all alone.

The forests are all disappearing."

"That's sad." said Billy." I agree ,"barked Bone

Inside the treee there were some stairs

Going round, and round and round.

With Isambark leading, off they went

And on reaching the top they found

A canopy, a bed of leaves

And a view as far as far.

Where there had once been woods and trees

It was now just concrete and cars.

"This is the end,"said Isambark Oak,

"What I'm telling you is true.

Soon there'll be no forests left."

Billy said,"What can we do?"

"Take this acorn, keep it safe

Plant it when you get home."

So Billy put it in his pocket

"I'll dig the hole!" barked Bone.

Back down around the winding stairs,

Until they reached the bottom.

Isambark their hands and paws,

"Make sure you've not forgotten.

Plant the acorn and tell your friends

To copy you and do the same.

And maybe there is just a chance

We can have a healthy Earth agaain."

So Billy and Bone bid their farewells,

And walking home thought it best

To think of what had happened today,

So they sat to take a rest.

Closing his eyes Billy drifted off.

And when he awoke it seemed

They'd had an adventure with an Isambark Oak

Was it something he had dreamed?

Shrugging his shoulders and rubbing his eyes,

They began the long walk home.

In Billy's pocket, he found an acorn

"I've a hole to dig!"barked Bone.

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