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Arabella and the cardigan

There we were at teabreak

Me, with coffee in hand, granddaughter open mouthed, stuffing cake

As she spoke, spitting crumbs and bits of plum!

She made me giggle today,

Asking grandma why does your arm shake that way?

Is it because your incredibly old?

Or are you, very very cold?

I replied, I might well be,

Ill have to think about that, and see.

She jumped off her chair, and ran.

To return, Holding a cardigan

There you go grandma, her face shone with glee

As she wrapped the cardigan around me.

She said, now grandma, as she jumped up playing nosey nosey

you will be all warm and cosy.

The look of happiness on her face was heart melting

As she told me “Now your arm will stop shaking!”

So, the doctor tells you, you have Parkinsons

But I do not need an array of medicines.

Just a cardigan, warm and nice,

And everything in your world will be paradise.

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