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An Ode to Solitude

After the pandemic years of isolation Cherish moments of solitude Before engaging in group celebration. Sing the praises of solitude with my reclusive friends

Reclusive friends; a contradiction of words. They make time for solitude To nurture their side that’s creative. We can’t measure the magnitude They savor time to put thoughts in perspective.

Spotting a recluse may be of no use Some habitats are close to hoarders With books piled high on desks, willing to trash none of it. Or they may live in such order Friends can’t believe they are of the same mindset.

Enjoy quiet time; embrace peace Sing the praises of quiet retreat. Sing an ode to solitude

Loners, hermits, outsiders, solitaires. Artists need time to be alone. Well-read loners may bore you with obscure topics They tire of lack of knowledge of hacks. They’ll gladly share their points of view if asked.

A reclusive existence, chosen or not. Take time to reflect upon life. Accept who and where you are. Fighting it can lead to anger and exhaustion. Leaving little time to appreciate seclusion

Remember feeling smothered when among others. Relish the freedom to breathe when alone. Celebrate life as we conclude This joyful ode to solitude.

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