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a house with no owner;

a room still set up

for dinner party or brunch

only that, where the food

would be cooked,

a hot fire is burning.

fume clouds and big flames

in a long silent kitchen;

recipes that can’t be remembered;

ingredients mixed up:

broth seasoned with sugar

and teas sweetened with salted spoons.

sometimes a moaning!

a bloodcurdling scream of frustration

on less peaceful days.

a life shared with strangers,

who strangely enough

pretend to have known you

for long in the past.

every hour a new race to run,

sometimes it feels

everything is just fun:

all of the instructions

and notes to remind the fool, who is you.

but no foolish joke

or forgotten quote;

no half sung song

hurt more than this:

framed picture memories

with the people you love.

let’s hope and pray

they love you enough ...

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 19, 2023

Wow, when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's a close friend asked me what my greatest fear from the disease was. I said "dementia'. The last 8 lines sum that fear up perfectly. You really have a gift Rina.


Unknown member
Dec 18, 2023

Very moving. You are gifted with language


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Dec 18, 2023

Using simple language to such great effect is an art. Both Moving and thought provoking, the essence of poetry for me, thank you Rina.


Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Dec 14, 2023

Moving... you capture the real everyday moments lost, which so many of us recognise in loved ones who have departed from the world we once all knew...

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