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All Lives Matter

There is a section in society Who fail to accept the results of history The good, the bad and ugly Often is one man Please don't think these lines are about race All skins have been slaves, in every place

William Wilberforce, he had slaves Delete, Delete the critics say But William he did change his way sIt was he who abolished the slavery So if William and his life must go Then slavery would still be so

If English Captains on the sea Some slavers, others Pirates be Had not been trying harder Then this country would be lost To the Spanish Armada So what? I hear the cry It means nothing to I But a Spain more powerful than the rest Would continue to fill its treasure chest Doing it as it knew best, conquistador enslavery

Africa, with its Chiefs and Kings Needed oh so many things Firearms and luxury Only trading could bring these

Wars and troublemakers always are The Chieftains fought them near and far To he victor came the spoils The losers entered slavery’s toils And sold in order as you can see for the chiefs to have their luxury

The Tsars and all the Russias, said they had no slaves Instead they had the Serfs Who could only work on the land of their birth Often in misery If the land was sold then so were they Sounds like slavery to me

All across the Roman lands Slaves were used or killed, by movement of hand History say it plain, the Empires of the East all did the same

Every nation has its past, its good things and its toils And the only thing that is for sure The victors took the spoils Spoils of silver, spoils of gold Spoils of the young, death to the old Humanity has been bought and sold By itself, not by colour, creed or kin Every nation did the same So how can you give out the blame

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