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Reflecting on The Dinosaur which sometimes joins us for Open Mic:

Amongst the colour-coded sheep

on lozenges, chartreuse,

green shield sheet-stamped above the combe

we saw the painted board.

Dinosaur Park was laughable,

until above our heads

the road-side placard fell in shade,

the invasion underway.

They circled there, vast curving spans,

a frenzy from the sky,

like vultures plotting ground-bound prey,

alien force from space.

We lay like carcass carrion

on gold beach landing zone,

winged fingers, pterodactyls slump;

then hang-gliders gathered gear.

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Miembro desconocido
07 may 2023

That’s a great picture.. you tease us with dinosaurs that might be childrens rides ina park, the n they might be real, but turn out to be hang. Gliders. Clever writing. Bravo

Me gusta
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