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Advent of the Earworm

A white witch so gentle and kind

Unrequited love made her blind

On Christmas day love did reject

Fiancé showed her no respect

Her heart broken . rage at her core

She lashed out to settle the score

Wish for Christmas everyday

Annoying Wizard had to pay

She cast a spell no-one could foil

Buried Christmas songs in deep soil

Cast away the songs forgotten

Next Christmas, joy misbegotten

Christmas silence no songs to share

Community lacking in care

Harmony lost without music

Goodwill to all just did not stick

Then from below came a rumble

An earthquake whole planet grumble

To the surface the worms did turn

Celebration songs to return

Earthworms galore they formed the cast

Christmas anthems with gusto blast

Notes and lyrics bang the ear drum

Break the spell with the hooks they hum

From the earth a choir arose

Catchy festive tunes voices impose

Carole singing they had some fun

Advent of the ear worms begun

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