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A spot ov bovver wiv vat ole Parkinsonz

so it’s autumn, the fall, summer’s gone, cloud hunkers down on your shoulders, you gotta shake it off, where’s the sun, it’s pissing down AGAIN, you want to sleep, you want to sleep, you want to sleep, but haven’t had a good night’s sleep since some night you can no longer remember and you’re shaking, shaking, that involuntary shaking, you’re so sick of shaking but we all have our different burdens to bear so substitute your own condition your own problems, mine’s Parkinson’s, ta very much god,(substitute fate, if you want) but aren’t you shaking and crying at what we are doing to the earth and what we do to each other so you put on some music in your living room and dance yeah to Santana’s Let The Children Play or Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile) (yeah that seems right) and you’re gonna dance those blues right outa your head, just you all alone on yes that stripy recycled cotton rug in your living room, Santana’s Moonflower album, dance sister dance, feel the rhythm flowing through you, baila mi hermana, doncha just love the Spanish, what’s the world coming to, you gotta dance it away or just shake, the sadness, the rage, burn it off, the tears fall, the flames rise, those conga rhythms help, do what’s right for you, but don’t hurt anybody else and time passes, oh, time passes...

© Dave Urwin 2023

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