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A special boy

I cant believe, how brave you are

the kind of brave, you cannot learn

it has to be there from the day you‘re born

a baby blu eye beautiful

a boy, a father’s first and only son

a sister’s brother dear

a little boy with no fear

one of the wildest

the one most kindest

the charming little skinny fella

the early first word storyteller

the one kissed by creativity

a soul demanding free!

And then in all your wild exciting

you fall, it hurts just watching,

but as if there was no more tears

or you know about my worst fears

your face frozen in a “Don’t look at me!“ smile

your knees shivering just for a while

your heartbeat fast and furious

your character way too curious

about all what you might explore

every carefully closed door

every “no” to your question

every grown up boring suggestion

every unfinished job, you wanna do

gives you strength and shows your real YOU -

who one day will be a brave man!

I bet a man, who can

who cares and dares

who knows and goes

and loves

a man, who once a boy so special!

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