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A Snowflake Rider

A snowflake floated yesterday

And I hitched a ride along the way

We glided over valleys, hills and dales

Over mountains and rivers

And boats with sails

Nothing could obstruct this joyous flight

Nothing, I thought till I saw the blight

As we drifted over villages, cities and towns

I made the mistake of looking down

The joy I had felt while in the air

Disappeared when I discovered

What was happening down there

People hating people and fighting each other

Caused my ebullient feelings to wither

What a mess they had made of their paradise

Couldn’t they just get along?

Couldn’t they just be nice?

I wondered if they need some friendly advice

From my lofty position it’s easier to see

The best course of action for you and me

Love one another and stop all the hate

Better do something before it’s too late

Be more accepting, kind

and more empathetic

Because if you don’t, you’ll soon regret it

Living in a world of upheaval and turmoil

Will cause your mind and feelings to boil

So take a deep breath and just calm down

Allow a tranquil mindset to guide you around

These feelings of concord, quietude and peace

Will soon quell those old perceptions

That once held you in place

By loving yourself and loving your friend

Conflicts, transgressions

and even wars could end

But don’t get your advice

From a snowflake rider

Better listen to a power that’s much higher

Ascending on the snowflake once again

I hoped my work here had come to an end

Love is the answer—love is all you need

I prayed my advice these people would heed

I am returned

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