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A phone with a cable

It was long black and wired
I followed it all the way
it led me to her room
she hidden behind the door
trying to stop me opening it
she was the oldest
the tallest
the bestest
the only sister I had
a teenage girl giggling
a daughter rebellious
a first love heartbroken
my sister I was so proud of
the phone was her exit
the door into freedom
her life she was about to start
me the little miss annoying
the one who demands playing
games and with barbie dolls
I feared to lose her forever
so I followed the cable to her room
listened to the tears and the laughter
she shared with others over the phone
gave myself the promise
One day I will be like her
and have a phone of my own.
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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Jan 06, 2023

Superb! This for me is great poetry, it fires my emotion and intellect. The key to this piece is the clever use of the cable, whilst the roar of this poem is clear, (the memories of childhood and adolescence) The whisper, the key. lies in the young girl following the cable and listening. Thank you Rina

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