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A Note of Thanks

Found a spiritual advisor, an advocate, a mentor, and a friend

All in one person, Carol, at the first Parkie support group meeting I did attend.

For10 years, we had deep discussions on topics that often were taboo.

She was knowledgeable on many subjects, never judgmental.

Not an analytical type, she had “it.” Was “it” spunk, determination, or nerve?

Whatever ‘it” was she did it with verve.

As a spiritual advisor, Carol drew people to her who wanted to help her achieve her goals.

Like most spiritual advisors, she was selfless, not materialistic

Her mission to get Parkies to volunteer to participate in research, very altruistic.

As a friend, she drew people toward her who wanted to help her achieve her goals 10-fold.

With a vision of her mission, Carol and a few of her followers started a new support group.

Through word of mouth, the membership grew.

How? Fellowship and Carol’s charm could be a clue.

As an advocate, she would not accept “No” to achieve her goals.

This frail, yet determined and tenacious lady had another vision.

Researchers and physicians should join forces to hold a conference for Parkies for free.

Over 400 Parkies and caregivers attend this event annually.

Carol was a mentor to support group members on setting and achieving goals.

Her health and cognition began to faulter,

Loneliness overwhelmed her.

The torch had to be passed on.

Her grass roots advocacy building was something to behold.

The seeds she planted to build a strong Parkie network was bold

and will help us all to achieve our future goals.

For that, we will always be thankful.

For bringing together the Parkie community,

we will always be grateful.

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Debbie Dalton
Debbie Dalton
Feb 18, 2023

There are some amazing people around, thank you for sharing


Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
Feb 17, 2023

Thanks Alison. I posted a longer version on the old site; however, I thought I would shorten it. I like this version better.

Dawson, I have compared her to a kind of Mary Poppins, but not in this poem.


Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Feb 16, 2023

What a lovely tribute


Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford
Feb 16, 2023

We all need a Carol!

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