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A little bit of light hearted nonsense for you….. ignotum per ignotius

Updated: Apr 27

ignotum per ignotius

Something Caught his eye so Harry paused beneath the branch of a large nonsense tree.

The Sun wrestled through the clouds bursting brightly into the garden,

Casting cold hotwaterbottle blue shadows all around him.

They seemed to dance on the ground as the breeze blew through the leaves.

Harry muttered something in Greek, he didn’t know what it meant but it made him feel more.

“What is it “ said Brenda questioningly, interrupting Harrys train of thought,

“What was it you mean “ said Harry, “because whatever it is now it’s not what it was then.”

“ when,”. said Brenda slightly perplexed,

“Before it was like this , obviously “ said Harry with a hint of smugness,

“Okay “ said Brenda sensing Harry smugness, “what was it BEFORE it is what it has now become.”

“Before “. said Harry taken aback at Brenda’s tone

“Yes “ said Brenda Forcefully, aware of Harrys reticence

“Look Brenda” said Harry

“ I’m not sure what it was before it became what it now is,

whatever that may be,

but I am sure that what it is at present, is not what it was previously, and

what it now isn’t, is what it was , before it became this.

That should make her think he thought.

“Well “ said Brenda ,clearly flummoxed “how long has it been there,”?

“Do you mean like this or before when it wasn’t”? Said Harry, ramming home his confusing riposte

“Oh never mind “ said Brenda, and she stomped off towards the shed, kicking up little dust devils that seemed to spin and dance around her footsteps, as if to mock her retreat,

“Ignotum per ignotius “ shouted Harry,

“Bollocks “ said Brenda.

Now if you go and google the title it should all make sense...hopefully. !!

Mark Crump 2019©️

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Was your Harry a subliminal reference to Harry Potter 's spell class? Enjoyed the read of your poem and getting lost on the Internet to learn the meaning of the title, Ignotum per ignotius.

Replying to

Any resemblance to fictional characters, living or not is purely coincidental, ( I’m not that clever ))

Harry and Brenda are the names of two of my neighbour’s .Hope you found the translation ok cheers .. Mark


A delightful bit of nonsense. Love it

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