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A Day at the Coast

‘Tops off!’

It’s near 30 degrees,

we’re off to the coast

where there’s always a breeze,

with buckets and spades

and nets to dip

for slippery fish

and crabs that nip,

or may be a starfish if

we’re lucky

but all we find is

tons of Buckie.

Never mind

there’s lots to do,

we can just sit

and admire the view,

or build a castle

with a moat,

fill it with water,

float a boat,

or dig a hole

to Australia,


it ends in failure,

we’ll fill it up

and bury dad,

there’s still lots of fun

to be had

on a day at the beach.

I know, we’ll go

and fetch the kite,

it makes us smile

as it takes flight,

with suicidal

dips and lunges,

until in the sea

suddenly it plunges.

We raise our arms

in shock and horror

think beloved kite’s

a gonna

but as it sinks

beneath the waves

along comes dog

and kite it saves.

Brings it safely

back to land

but does not drop it

on the sand,

instead takes off

the canine thief,

with kite gripped tightly

in his teeth.

Ribbons and string

behind him trailing

and tens of kids

screaming and wailing.

in and out

deck chair, umbrella,

nips wee dog

that cheeky fella!

Round the wind break

what a fankle,

Mums and dads

all a rankle…

until finally

dog’s rugby tackled!

Hoorah! but now

the day is done,

the sun goes down

we’ve had our fun.

The wind is blowing,

it’s getting nippy,

I think it’s time

to get a chippy,

with salt and vinegar

or salt and sauce,

all washed down with

pop of course.

Then finally

load up the car.

Its time to go

we came so far,

kids fall asleep

in minutes flat,

Grandma too

still wearing hat,

kiss me quick fancy that!

Sand in our hair,

salt on our skin,

sun burnt noses,

sunburnt chins.

Sighs of contentment,

memories made,

of castles built

and games we played

of which, to friends

we’ll later boast,

'No you cannot beat

a day- at the coast!’

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