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Time doesn’t work any more

Today, I stopped time

I removed it from the wall

Before 7.30am had chimed

Placed in the cupboard, and wrapped in a shawl.

It was beautiful

No physical time in the house.

Not a chime or tick tock was uttered

Everything as quite as a mouse

Later I ate , when I felt like it

Took out my paints , down by the river

The time was? I have no idea, I have to admit

The sunset came, and then the stars glowed silver

I set off back, honeycomb dots in the distance

Back to home, back to my solitary

The path of least resistance

Away from time , my sanctuary

I slept under mother moons protection

And woke not knowing if days passed or hours

For me , only a new affection

That time does not hold me now

It empowers

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