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A long, long, time ago

I met her, and I loved her so

We would be together our whole life through

For I already knew

Nobody else in the world would do

For fourteen years we lived our lives

In happy times and some in strife

We had each others back and sides

Against us no foe could ever survive

We really showed the world

Then the world began to change

My rock became, at best, deranged

From nowhere I lost my wife

As her tongue began to snipe

Our home became a battlefield

With neither side prepared to yield

Upon those words, our fate was sealed

Time to say goodbye

And now she’s gone

Never coming back

I put her on, that railroad track

Oh don’t worry, she will catch the train

She is tied with rope, and heavy chains

Oh stop complaining woman….

No, I am not getting you a duvet

What? thats it, I’m go….

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