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Morning all my Parky pals. My alter ego Shakyspear has been at it again composing his 4th poem called Legs hope you enjoy 😃😀. I know those with naughty leg syndrome will empathise with this one

Legs are really wonderful

They carry us around

They stop us all from falling

Keeping both feet on the ground

But what if they stop listening

Just like a naughty child

Refusing all requests

And simply running wild.

Parkinson’s can do that

It can takes away control

But it does it very sneakily

Bang you're in a hole

It can strike you without warning

Leave you struggling to stand

Make you feel rather embarrassed

Cos that’s not what you’d planned

In the street it may just freeze you

Super glue you to the spot

Come on legs behave yourself

Let’s just give it one more shot

In the pub some people stare

As you're walking with a slew

You can hear them gently whispering

Bet he’s just had a few

Even going for a wee

Such a simple task

Becomes a major undertaking

God I wish I had a mask

Come on legs don’t mess about

I need you to be free

This takes on more urgency

When you need a pee !!!

So you give your legs encouragement

Come on you two behave

It’s really rather simple

I don’t want to be your slave

The “grand old duke of York”

Now I’m singing to my legs I

n the pub the whispering continues

“God that man he’s just the dregs “

But my Parky pals will know

What it’s like when legs wont budge

And all I ask of others

Is don’t be so quick to judge.

Stop and ask if we’re ok

Not just pass us in the street

And just be really, really grateful

That you’ve got two working feet

Love and value your legs

Cos it’s true you only miss things when their gone

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3 days ago

I can totally relate to this Jeff. Unfortunately I had to give up the booze for this very reason.

Laughter is the best medicine though and I still have the occasional single malt at home. Good stuff…….more please!!!


Love this poem, I can totally relate to the pub scene, he's had one too many🤣happens to me a lot, just smile and wave


I'm reminded of Spike Milligan saying his legs were "so well crafted that wherever he stood, the ground was always underneath his feet."

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