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No mountains does my land possess

Just large hills, delight the scene

No natural lakes to wet the land

But Kielder corrects, a fisherman’s dream

When the Conqueror landed at Hastings Beach

And King Harold lost his eye

The Northumbrian Archers stood upon the hill

Killing the Conquerors men

The Normans they were getting beat

The only order could be retreat

The English Lords thought they had saved the Crown

And let the brave Northumbrians down

By ordering a charge

William won the battle that day

Giving orders to all that listened

Northumbria must be cleansed of all

Who with the longbow, had stood tall

Of course the Scots did begin to hassle

The Borderlands in strife

Only now did the Invader realise

He would have to build a New Castle

Castles were made large and small

To protect everyone and all

Until the Crowns of both the lands

We’re both held by the same hand

Alnwick, Aydon, Bamburgh too

Bellingham, Belford, Bellister true

Belsay, Blenkinsop, Berwick on Tweed

Bywell and Bothal the orders did heed

Cartington, Chillingham, Chipchase and Dally

Cresswell, Coupland, Dilston, Callaly

Dunstanburgh, Etal, Elsdon and Ford

All of which the Scots just could not ignore

Seventy Castle the County can claim

And as many towers, all doing the same

Berwick was made a land of its own

In that a unique historical seed was then sown

At the end of the two great wars

A peace was finally made

But the wee town of Berwick

Was not placed upon the paper

So they are the only town in the world

To fight both World Wars at once

Even when the peace r was restored

They remained defiantly holding their shore*

*Consequently, the state of war persisted until the signing of the ‘Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany’ on 12th September 1990.

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