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Who am I…

One woman?

One mother?

Wife, sister, doughter too

Am I a sick one?

One doctor, a retired…

One customer , one patient

One old women 🤩😛

reader , writer (!!!!), poet

One supporter…destroied and distraied???

Uncle , friend, cousin, customer and citizen

Glam and old fashioned ,

fan and follower…

Who am I?

What am I ?

I am that all

Nothing of this, mixture of that all

We cannot be boxed in

in these categories

That is a limit

a frame in wich we cannot be inscrived

We are not only a singular thing

None of these completely describes us

None of these completely owns us

We are not a single thing

Let's not program

Let's not limit ourselves

We are not a single thing

None of these have complete power over us

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