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Cells in Swell

Weightless fluid astronaut,

wait in float, unanchored cord.

Breaking waters from the deep,

waves, contractions, tidal sweep,

cacophony from silent sac;

tube to passage, swimming ways,

breaststroke, puckered sucking lips

to teat, treated mother’s silk.

Kamikaze Gods

Homeland search, fry their eggs,

climb the thunder falling waves,

rush salmon trek, weiry climes,

sunny-side up, spawning, overwhelming cause.

Skin stripping claws, waiting jaws,

though death above alevin redds,

instinct impels, propels this charge,

high water kamikaze gods.


Cold lover, rime slush hoar,

mother with her polar horde,

white dirty cream, receding snow,

ice retreating, floe thaw flow;

banking clouds, dark cloaked sills,

looming outburst rolled as wool -

will water pour, through glacier,

a cataract fill crevasse space?

Swimming Trunks

Flutter flags and bubble wave,

as children paddle brushing strand.

Unlike rarer spouts at sea -

whirlwinds, whales more often seen -

tourists stare, these trunking sprays,

amazed, big tent tickets free,

for ear-led circus pachyderms

thump through deckchairs, seaside trunks.


Harpoon whales, hear their songs,

call of cows, cradle calves,

baby blubber of the seas;

so lent ears, wider range,

those signal codes, network spies,

a mycorrhiza underground.

Yin for yang in complement,

dance of koi for everyone.

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2 commentaires

Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
17 févr.

A great selection of watery visions.


Keith Trayling
Keith Trayling
13 févr.

Like them all Stephen, I can just hear you narrating them

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