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a german poem and it’s english translation


on the ground of facts

on the wings of dreams

in the sea of hope

in the boxes with scrap

in the darkest corner

in the glaring light

under the deepest rubble

behind paper-thin ice

in the smallest hiding places

in the open space

on the biggest posters

in secret notes

it lies hidden

the peaceful path

that despite wild tides

and silent torment

allows you to keep

your balance and grace.

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4 commenti

Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
08 mar 2023

This is beautiful Rina, I love it, I hope I get to hear you read it in both languages one day.

Mi piace

Jon Best
Jon Best
05 mar 2023

I enjoyed reading it in German which felt a lot harsher than reading the English version but I do not speak or understand German so the differrnce may have been in my reading. I am in awe that you poetry transcends any language barrier.

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
03 mar 2023

I like this. Working through the poem wondering what "it" is and then you reveal it is the path. So I have to go back to the beginning ad read it again. Very good

Mi piace

Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
03 mar 2023

Ich liebe diese Rina! Worte, ihre Stellung und Bedeutung kommen in Emotionen und Gedanken zusammen, auch in beiden Sprachen!

Thank you Rina, I'm grateful to both Luisa and yourself for the experience of poetry in other languages.

Mi piace
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